SPUP IIRC6 Registration

Paper Presenter

USD 150 (Onsite)

Php 5,000 (Onsite)

• Title/ Author/s, Contact Number /Email Address (Corresponding Author)
• ABSTRACT (100 words, with 3-4 Keywords), single spaced, calibri, font No. 11
• FULL PAPER (not more than 6 pages, letter size)
• Soft copy of Abstract and Full Paper in word file to be submitted online
• Include the following:
    * Title of Study (Maximum of 15 words)
    * Name of Institution
    * E-mail address of author/s
    * Name of person to present must be underlined/highlighted
    * Keywords (not more than 3-4) typed 3 lines below the last line of Abstract
    * Research Paper (not more than 6 pages, letter size)
    * Soft copy must be submitted not later than June 30, 2023
Download Research Format / Template

US $100
Php 5,000

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